Why Indeni Cloudrail?

Indeni Cloudrail is a context-aware cloud security tool that will audit your cloud infrastructure and your IaC templates to build a security context of the resources being deployed. Indeni Cloudrail can be used within development workflows and has native integrations to common developer workflow tools. Within minutes, your developers can have their IaC reviewed for exposure risks.

Prioritized Analysis

Cloudrail utilizes a graph-based data model. It understands the relationship between resources and can query against those relationships. Relationships can refer to how resources interact within the network. It can also refer to how resources can interact over the control plane with IAM privileges. In many cases, the analysis of both is required to identify a security violation.

Developer Friendly

Security requirements are often very vague or abstract and require manual review. Cloudrail translates vague policies into actionable analysis. Cloudrail can be used to assess code at any stage of the development lifecycle. Our native integrations allows for implementations in minutes.


Cloudrail relies on contextual data to analyze infrastructure. Your infrastructure may grow or change. With context-based analysis, Cloudrail does not rely on hardcoded security parameters, Cloudrail can detect architecture changes and adjust analysis where needed.