Comprehensive Cloud Security

Cloudrail Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) combines the monitoring and alerting features of a traditional CSPM tool, with the infrastructure security tools to support your company into the future.

Cloud Security Posture Management - Extended

Cloudrail lets you continuously monitor your AWS, GCP, and Azure accounts with Cloudrail CSPM. Whether your organization is using, experimenting with, or planning to use infrastructure as code, Cloudrail has the tools to help.

  • Monitor your live cloud environments
  • Fail pipelines with vulnerable resources
  • Give the tools to developers to check as they build

Your roadmap to continuous compliance, no matter where you are in the journey

Cloudrail is specifically designed to help bridge the gap between where your company is now, and your vision of continuous compliance.

Prioritize Your Engineering Team's Time

Context switching to fix security issues can push back your engineering team's project deadlines. Cloudrail CSPM reviews security issues with our advanced context-analysis engine, indicating which issues are actually a problem right now.

  • Continuous monitoring of your live cloud environments
  • Understanding problems in a broader context
  • Comprehensive documentation on how to fix vulnerabilities

One policy to rule them all

Set the policies you want your cloud accounts to adhere to; enforce it everywhere, from local development, to pipelines, to live environments.

  - cloud_provider: amazon_web_services
    rule_id: disallow_ec2_instances_with_tolkien_references_in_tags
    name: No EC2 Instances With Tolkien References In Tags
    severity: major
    rule_type: non_context_aware
      - ec2

Full Tier 1 Cloud Support

Cloudrail works across tier 1 clouds to provide you with the full picture of your organization's security.