Indeni’s Cloudrail is leading the “shift-left” movement for cloud infrastructure. The modern internet-based product relies heavily on automation. On a regular day, many organizations are now automating what they build and deploy in the cloud. Cloudrail was built to enable internet organizations to build and deploy securely. Cloudrail embeds within teams’ CI/CD pipelines, inspects infrastructure-as-code as it flows through and identifies potential security and operational issues before they make it to the live cloud environment. Teams use Cloudrail to avoid mistakes which can be costly to fix once the infrastructure is live in production. Cloudrail follows the “product-led-growth” model, focusing on an easy-to-use product that delivers value on its own, without requiring additional support.

As a Cloudrail AE you will be part of the foundation of the Cloudrail sales team. You will use your technical chops to reach out and build relationships with potential users of Cloudrail. Understand what they’re thinking about, what their priorities are, and when/how best to introduce Cloudrail to their organization. As the Cloudrail AE, you enjoy “talking shop” and being part of developer and security communities. You are expected to understand how DevSecOps/DevOps practitioners work, how they integrate tools into their processes and understand how to reduce friction to activating Cloudrail into workflows.

You will join a dynamic environment and have the opportunity to create thought leadership on the future of Shift Left. 

What You’ll Do

  • Establish relationships with potential Cloudrail users.
  • Understand their environments, priorities, needs, and communicate back to the product team.
  • Promote Cloudrail to potential users and expand the set of users interested in trying the product.
  • “Dogfood” Cloudrail regularly and interpret user data and community feedback, to drive insights and assist product development
  • Expand your capabilities to become a quota-carrying AE focused on the Cloudrail product

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Experience with SAST or SCA vendors like Snyk, Fossa, Veracode, Synopsis, and Sonatype.
  • Past experience in some form of technical consulting role (Sales Engineer, consultant, etc).
  • Past experience consulting with developers/platform engineering groups.
  • Fundamental understanding of at least one cloud provider (Cloud provider certifications are welcome)
  • Presenting to technical audiences