New: Unlimited Static Analysis, Advanced Filters & Usability improvements

Organizations want to provide guardrails for developers to protect them from misconfigurations and unintentionally creating security issues in the cloud. These guardrails can be as simple as always encrypting data at rest or not exposing your database to the public. Whichever guardrails you want to establish for your cloud infrastructure, you can use Cloudrail to implement and enforce them. We are excited to introduce the Cloudrail unlimited scan capability for Terraform. You can start to explore and implement guardrails in your environments with very little effort. Read more about this new free offer here

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters allow you to extract your filtered data at your fingertips. We are excited to announce the release of Advanced Filtering on our Assessments and Assessments details pages. You can dive deeper and easier into your assessment results than ever before. 

On the Assessments page, you can now filter on origin, result or by account.

On the Assessments details page, you can now filter on status, enforcement mode, policy, severity, rule type, security layer and resource types. You can even select multiple filters simultaneously.

Usability Improvements 

1. New Result Column on Assessments Page

You may be running daily assessments across many different accounts. Over time, you may have accumulated a lot of assessment results. The new result column can help you quickly spot the problematic scans. 

2. New Users Page

As an administrator, you can manage your users using this new Users page. You can invite new users to Cloudrail, check registration status, remove users, etc. 

3. CloudFormation Template Preview

To integrate Cloudrail with your AWS account, you deploy a CloudFormation stack in your AWS account. We use CloudFormation as a standardized mechanism to deploy a read-only IAM role in your account. You now have an option to first view the CloudFormation template and download it.

We are constantly adding new rules to our repository to help you secure your cloud environment. In the last two months, we have added approximately 50 new rules. We invite you to explore them from the Cloudrail Rules page. 

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