Cloud Security For All – Announcing Cloudrail CSPM

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the future of cloud architecture. With the entire industry trending towards it, and the benefits it provides, more and more organizations are investing more time and effort into maturing their IaC strategies.

Cloudrail is designed to support organizations using Infrastructure as Code, allowing comprehensive and contextual security audits of resources in production, in your pipelines, and on your developers’ computers.

In addition to our previous offerings, Cloudrail is excited to offer our latest solution: Cloudrail CSPM.

Cloudrail CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management)

Cloudrail CSPM, or Cloud Security Posture Management is a free tool provided by Cloudrail that monitors your live cloud environments for security vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

Sign up for Cloudrail, connect your live Cloud accounts (AWS, GCP, Azure), and receive notifications and instructions on how to fix any vulnerabilities found in your environments. In addition to the initial scan, your cloud accounts are assessed on a continuous basis.

A junior developer accidentally deploys a machine that bridges public and private subnets, and is open to Cloudrail will quickly notify you so the machine can be terminated.

Use our default policies to start – based on best practices and recommendations from official cloud providers and security experts. Develop your own policies to enforce your organizational requirements. When your organization is ready to start using infrastructure as code – Cloudrail will use your exact same policies to ensure the infrastructure you want to deploy, is up to the standards of everything else in production.

Implementing Infrastructure as Code can be tough

We understand that there’s a big gap between wanting to implement infrastructure as code and actually doing it at a company, so we’re building Cloudrail to take you every step of the way – from wherever you’re at, to your continuous security and compliance goals.

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If you’re not ready for infrastructure as code security just yet, no worries. Sign up for Cloudrail for free infrastructure security scans while you plan out your next steps to continuous security.

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