A Practical Guide To Continuous Compliance in the Cloud

A Practical Guide To Continuous Compliance in the Cloud

Indeni Cloudrail is pleased to launch our new e-book – A Pratical Guide to Continuous Compliance for Your Cloud Infrastructure.

Implementing continuous compliance and security can be difficult – especially at organizations with established processes and moving parts. We’ve proposed a guide for taking your organization from its current state to full continuous compliance and continuous security using our five-step process.

  1. Adopt infrastructure as code.
  2. Add your infrastructure as code to a CI/CD pipeline.
  3. Automate infrastructure security scanning.
  4. Dynamically assess your cloud environment with your local environments.
  5. Implement and enforce policies.

Our e-book is free, and goes into specific detail at each stage for how best to implement it in a way that’s both effective and pain-free. We’ve included checklists for implementation, and for consideration for each stage of the process. Our goal is to help more organizations adopt continuous compliance and continuous security, and encourage infrastructure developers to continue to shift security scanning to the left of the development lifecycle.

If you have any questions, feedback, or points you’d like us to add, please email community@cloudrail.app

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