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Indeni is the leader in Security Infrastructure Automation and Native Cloud Infrastructure Security. We've pioneered a new way to manage security infrastructure and IaC by providing the world's best practices, automated.

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Our world is digital. Organizations need to keep up with the rate of innovation to compete in the digital world. This can lead to organizations struggling to maintain a balance between agility and security. Our mission is to keep your cloud infrastructure secure by design through automating security tasks and processes throughout the software development life cycle. With automation, we increase the security posture of the organization’s cloud environments. This enables developers to increase productivity while developing their software.

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Leading enterprises trust Indeni to protect their network reliability and data security, including two of the world’s largest credit card issuers, financial auditors, government agencies, hospital networks, and many others.


Indeni offers two main solutions to support both network engineers and cloud security engineers:


  1. Our crowd-sourced automation platform performs health and compliance checks for network security appliances (firewalls, proxies, load balancers), resolving issues before they result in downtime.
  2. Our Cloud security analysis tool, Cloudrail, scans infrastructure-as-code files for violations of security requirements. Cloudrail automates infrastructure compliance to prevent an insecure cloud environment from being deployed.
Delivering security that that homegrown solutions can’t.

We serve some of the largest customers on the planet, and partner with their trusted advisors. These enterprise leaders, combined with the deep domain expertise of our global security experts, are what sets us uniquely apart from any other software company. View Customers | View Partners



While our corporate offices are located in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, our experts are across the globe.

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