Continuous Compliance for Your Cloud

Your business needs services that are compliant and secure. Use Cloudrail to be compliant and agile at the pace of your developers.
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Cloudrail in a Nutshell

Discover, Detect, and Control

Your cloud infrastructure is built, managed, and deployed using automation. Your security framework should discover potentially new infrastructure, detect security issues, and allow you to control what gets deployed.


Your policy requirements should not be stuck in spreadsheets. Empower your team with continuous security attestation.

Cloud Security the DevOps Way

Fixing cloud security after deployment is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Detect cloud security issues early in the development process. Treat security violations as simple code fixes.

Cloudrail automates the security review of your infrastructure-as-code.
Cloudrail allows you to build your cloud fast and securely. Providing automated security reviews and other innovative features, Cloudrail drastically reduces the security maintenance phase, enabling you to stay proactive and minimize effort and time spent remediating security issues.
A Pioneer in IaC Security
Cloudrail was the pioneer in scanning terraform module references, not only templates and root module
Tools Should Understand How Cloud Really Works
Cloudrail’s context awareness actually understands how cloud infrastructure works instead of a simple key-value pair lookup on a JSON file that anyone can do.
Security should become more codified.
Everything should be defined in code. Cloudrail helps you start that journey. As security teams, we can no longer operate in spreadsheets and 80-page documents. Security needs to be actionable. It needs to be something that can be implemented early. It needs to be easy to prove that you are following security guidelines
Context is paramount when speaking of security
Cloudrail context-aware cloud security features remove the noise and allow you to focus on those security issues that would have an impact.

Cloudrail for All Organizations

Start using Cloudrail for free. Upgrade as your needs grow.
  • Free up to 10 developers
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Drift Detection
  • CSPM (up to 10 accounts)
  • Dashboard
  • 3 month data retention
  • Charged per scan
  • CSPM (Unlimited accounts)
  • 1 Year of Data Retention
  • 8x5 Support via Email
  • Pay as you grow or purchase in bulk at a discount
Starting at $0.50 per scan
  • Everything including in Standard
  • SSO
  • 3 Year of Data Retention
  • Direct Support Engagement via Slack and Zoom
  • Custom Rules Developed for Team
  • Billed Annually